Frequently Asked Questions

AtPerfect Care Home Health we provide full-service home care, right in the comfort of your residence. Our team is comprised of carefully chosen professionals, who delivers a wide range of health services. Also, we work hand-in-hand with specialized physicians to develop specific programs for several diagnoses.

Home health care has become the preferred alternative to institutional care, thanks to new understandings of disease treatment, made over the last few decades. Recuperating in a home environment has proven to increase emotional well-being and shortens the convalescence period.
In the patient’s home,Perfect Care Home Health’s team of professionals become an extension of your practice. Your patient is offered around the clock care and is provided with the best team approach. We perform a thorough evaluation of the patient—from physiologic status to home environment, including medication compliance and understanding, nutrition, finances, family dynamics, and home safety. We provide care specific to the patient’s needs and your treatment protocols.
Nope. Just call our office with orders or submit a referral form from the link above. A registered nurse will do a comprehensive assessment and evaluation and admit the patient to our service. A plan of treatment will be immediately sent to your office for review and signature. This is a Medicare billable service – see Care Plan Oversight, certification.
Yes—but it’s simple. If the patient requires continued care, at the end of the 60 day certification period, the registered nurse or physical therapist will discuss the patient’s condition with you and a new treatment plan will be developed. We deliver this updated plan for your review and signature. Reviewing the certification plan is a Medicare billable service – see Care Plan Oversight, recertification.
Generally, No. The same nurse will see a patient as much as possible. This provides continuity of care and understanding of the patient’s status. We will phone you only if there is a significant change in the patient’s status. If, however, your patient has a complicated set of problems requiring many calls and frequent changes to the plan of treatment, you can document your time and you can bill Medicare under the provisions of Care Plan Oversight.
We accept Medicare for homebound patients. We also accept many private insurance carriers including but not limited to Blue Cross Blue Shield (in-network), Bankers Life, MetLife, Conseco, and VA Long Term Care. If we do not participate with a patient’s insurance, we will research and notify you of an agency that can care for your patient.
Home health is a part-A service and is not subject to co-payments or deductibles, therefore there is nothing due from the patient. Patients with private insurance may be billed for the patient responsibility portion of their covered services.
We at Perfect care hold ourselves to the highest quality standards for our staff and patient care. Many of our staff have advanced degrees and certifications in their field. Our ethics are of the highest level. We strive to educate our staff on the latest technology so that the patients are receiving the best care possible for the fastest recovery in the setting they prefer: their own home.